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Norwegian Forest Cats 

Yella vom Arlesbrunnen

Father : Noel-Tidison vom Arlesbrunnen from DE*vom Arlesbrunnen
Mother : Rana vom Arlesbrunnen from FR*Amber babies 


Parents tested GSD4 negative
Tested FIV et FeVl négative
Tested HCM negative the 17/03/2010, 01/06/2011, 06/12/2012 and 24/06/2014, 08/03/17 and 27/08/18
Tested PKD and CIN negative the 01/06/2011, the
06/12/2012, 24/06/2014,
(Tests in PDF below) 


Yella was definitly my great favorite I fell in love with ! Its original warm color and, her splendid plumes, her expression of softness, her so perfect triangle, her impressive frame bone structure, her so major expression of her eyes as human being...

She is a tall cat full with life very talkative with her I live a true fusional relation.

I still sincerely thank Marc and Christa for the trust that they have given to me !

Born on 11th November 2008
Light amber mackerel tabby


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