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March 8, 2022: It is with deep sadness that I announce the birth of a new little star, Takiyo went to heaven this afternoon :-(
He was the first to be born breech, his water bag already broken.
I thought he had drunk the cup because he was gaining very little weight, he had chosen a dummy at his mother's house but wasn't fighting to keep it. He didn't want my bottle.
So I had to feed him through a stomach tube, he had antibiotics.
This afternoon I took him to the vet for a glucose injection and we decided to do a heart x-ray as a heart murmur was apparent.
His heart was huge, double the normal size. It was compressing the lungs.
We did an ultrasound to see if it was operable to save him, but alas no :( 
He would have suffered and would not have grown like the others. On the advice of my vets, I agreed to let him go :(
RIP my little redheaded angel, I already loved you so much :(



March 6th 2022 : Joy and Leo’s babies are born. There are 6,

4 girls and 2 boys, all in great shape.
Once again, they are mostly brown! I subscribe to this color;-) I was hoping for a colorful litter but it was nature that decided.



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