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Norwegian Forest Cats 

December 2020
The breeding site is getting a new look!

November 2020
I'm waiting for Lagertha's heat so that I can take her to see her German fiancé. I hope that the confinement will not prevent me from going there ...

October 2020a
I took a trip to Poland to my friends Bartek and Kasia to bring Richie to them. The trip went well, Richie was very comfortable and arrived in Gdansk, he came out of the cage with his tail held high.
I wish you lots of happiness my boy and beautiful babies

July 18, 2020
I left Nayma's babies with their family (except Rambo who will go to live with Rosalyn in Paris early
September). They immediately felt at home and bring happiness to their families.

July 2020
Ryan has been very ill. He had a fecal impaction due to severe constipation (maybe formula milk?)
He had 5 difficult days with vet appointments every day, I had to force-feed him, give him IVs, but he is cured and is in great shape now! phew!

June 13, 2020
RIP little Robin: - ((He was in great shape, had put on weight and suddenly had a high fever and despite the care of the vet on duty, he left during the night: - ((
The autopsy could not explain the reason for his death (no farm virus, no malformation)

May 28, 2020
Lotta and Sweet's babies were born, there are 9 of them! again a big litter which will give a lot of work. I hope they all survive. I'll do my best. Lotta is very tired, it took a long time to give birth.
Alas Reggie drank the cup at birth and died the next day :-(

April 18, 2020
Nayma and Sweet's babies were born that night. Everything went well. The little family goes to


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