Les Bords du Rhin - Elevage de chats norvégiens situé à Strasbourg en Alsace 

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Certificat de capacité : 67-137 

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Norwegian Forest Cats 

How to acquire one of our kittens? 

Available (Disponible) : the kitten is available
Option : a person is interested
Reserved (Réservé) : someone has been paid and the cat is reserved
Sold (Vendu) : the kitten has been sold and has returned to its new home 

Our kittens are available at the age of 13 weeks. They are then perfectly socialized.

Dewormed regularly from the age of three weeks, vaccinated against coryza, typhus, leucosis and rabies, they are provided with an electronic identification chip, a certificate of good health, a European passport for the foreigner, a LOOF pedigree and a sales contract.


Our kittens are raised in family and live in contact with our dogs and our rodents.
In addition, in order to promote the best possible socialization, our kittens are born in our home, they stay with their mother until the age of 3 months and have maximum contact with other animals in the house and with human visitors. .

We provide them with a rich environment from a sensory point of view (normal sounds from the house, vacuum cleaner, television, etc.).

Kittens are bred to kiss and hug, so they are used to being handled.


We ask the new owners of our kittens to ensure the care necessary for their well-being, to ensure their safety by putting a safety net on the balcony, a mosquito net at each window, and to secure their land with an electrified fence ( invisible fence, closed enclosure, "chicken netting", etc).

Of course, the safety of your companion has a cost, but the life of your animal is priceless!


If your future companion is to live indoors, he will need a medium to large cat tree. The Norwegian is a good climber, the higher he is, the better he feels!
You can also take him out on a leash with unwinder and harness (rather the one for small dogs, there is an additional strap under the belly), the Norwegian cat walks very well on a leash and loves to climb trees and lie down in the fresh grass . The sooner you start outings, the better.


Finally, remember to give us news regularly! Photos are always welcome. They can be included in our photo galleries, if you allow us of course.


Selling price of a sterilized pet kitten: 1250 euros

Terms of sale