Les Bords du Rhin - Elevage de chats norvégiens situé à Strasbourg en Alsace 

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Les Bords du Rhin*FR 

Norwegian Forest Cats 

Cameron de Karat Cats

Father : Snow du Big Bang from FR*Karat'Cats
Mother : Sunshine du Bois de la Chartreuse from FR*Karat'Cats 


Cameron was a cat of a deep kindness, he was affectionate, welcoming towards the visitors, cuddle and purr, of jovial mood, patient towards the kittens, tolerant with the new comers, very fond of good
food, he heard the bag of confectionary sweets of the back of the apartement and arrived running...
He was a terrific cat and he leaves an enormous emptiness in my house.


He had been reached of a very serious cancer in February 2012
We had made him operate and he had a life treatment.
He had taken again the top, was merry and in full form.
We believed all in the remission of its cancer....
Unfortunately, in the morning of October 10th, he was gone discreetly, carried by a striking down pulmonary embolism.
We will never forget you my Cami, you will remain in our hearts and in our memories

You are now in the paradise of the animals, would be there happy my boy.

Born on 7th September 2007

Deceased on 10th october 2013

Black smoke et blanc

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