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Norwegian Forest Cats 

Nayma de Maison Blanche

Father : S*Pax Fersen Silver Falco
Mother :: Habanera Bosques Del Zar 


Parents tested GSD4 et PkDef negative
Parents tested  HCM et PkDef negative
tested HCM the 28/05/18,  19/02/20 and 19/01/23
Tested PKD the 28/05/18 


Nayma ... A waking dream
A wonderful silver princess arrived at my home further to a big crush from her birth.                                                                                                                      

She has a fabulous look with a so soft expression as she melts me.

She has great technical features:
Her eyes are beautifully almond-shaped,  her ears are large with great set, she has a long and straight profile,  nice chin,  long and thick tail, a perfect silver. at the last and not the least, Nayma has a fabulous temper, loves cuddles and she is very active and playful.    
Her default : her lynx tips could be more longer
No cat is perfect... So to give a minus, Nayma could have better forehead and longer lynx tips.


Born on  21th march 2017
Black silver mackerel



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