Les Bords du Rhin - Elevage de chats norvégiens situé à Strasbourg en Alsace 

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Les Bords du Rhin*FR 

Norwegian Forest Cats 

Leo des Bords du Rhin

Father : Titran's Plato from FR*Les Argonautes
Mother : Floradora des Bords du Rhin 


Parents tested GSD4 negative
Parents and grand-parents detected HCM negative
Parents detected PkDef N/N (non carrier)
Tested HCM le 28/09/1, 23/05/18 , 08/07/20 and 19/01/23 (tests in PDF below) 


Leo is the black smoke and white norwegian cat I wanted.
He has a big bone structure with big feet and a long and heavy body.

His ears are wide and well placed. Their lynx-tips are wonderful.
His eyes, surrounded by black are well drawn and give him a dark look.
His tail is very long.
His advantages : a nice head-shape with a bulging, a strong and thick chin with beautiful ears and a clear triangle.  
His faults : his profil could be a little more straight and his ears more bigger
I love his perfect marking on the head

Born on 2nd July 2015
Black and white

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