Les Bords du Rhin - Elevage de chats norvégiens situé à Strasbourg en Alsace 

Siret : 510 256 59700020
Certificat de capacité : 67-137 

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Les Bords du Rhin*FR 

Norwegian Forest Cats 

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The friends of Sweet,, Leo, Joy, Lotta, Floradora, Irina, Douna, Fenouillette, Yella, Onlyou, Lagertha and Nayma are two dogs

 - Peach and Mojito, 2 street dogs in Roumania who came with an french assocation.


Two dog lovers, very cuddly, a bit mischievous and both great cat lovers.



March 2018 : Maiko now live with my daughter a few km from the house. But we see each other often :-)

At the beginning of February 2018 : An adorable dog joined my tribe. Her name is Peach and is from Romania.
She was found wandering with her sister and mother when she was not 2 months old.
Peach is a wonderful bitch, as beautiful as she is kind. She reminds me a lot of my Pipo by her look and my sweet Naïa in the tenderness of her eyes and her great intelligence. Thank you to the Association Les Audrey's and Co for agreeing to entrust it to me.

Our others pets