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Norwegian Forest Cats 




The Norwegian is always ready to come cuddle, sleep with you, chat (he loves to express himself), and follow you on your travels. He is very tolerant of other cats in the house or dogs.


However, it would be boring to consider buying a Norwegian cat (male or female) if you do not intend to sterilize it or limit its range. How many former Norwegian owners today regret having given their cat a life without constraint?


One day or another, the most loving and obedient Norwegian youngster disappears and never returns. Arrived at the age of reproduction, the call of nature will have been the strongest. Castration of males and sterilization of females are essential protective measures if a Norwegian can leave the house (castrated, he has less need to roam far).


The Norwegian is also an outstanding hunter. It should not be forgotten that twenty years ago, the majority of Norwegians lived in total freedom.


Does he live badly in an apartment? Not worse than any other inasmuch as he has not known the outside world. A kitten raised indoors adapts perfectly to apartment life, provided that it can express itself by taking advantage of a cat tree (medium to large), and especially the presence of its master. to which he is strongly attached.


Very intelligent, the Norwegian is able to learn all kinds of games: hide and seek, ball, cat ... And he easily accepts to walk on a leash or in a harness like a dog.

Norsk Skogkatt