Les Bords du Rhin - Elevage de chats norvégiens situé à Strasbourg en Alsace 

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Certificat de capacité : 67-137 

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Les Bords du Rhin*FR 

Norwegian Forest Cats 

Fenouillette des Bords du Rhin

Father : JW EC Starkad's Bolle Bob *DK  from FR*des Fines Terres 

Mother : Yella vom Arlesbrunnen 


Parents tested GSD4, FiV and FeLV negative
Parents detected HCM negative
Detected HCM, PKD and CIN negative the 07/12/2011
Detected HCM and PKD/CIN négative the 28/03/2013
Detected HCM negative in december 2014
Detected PKDef N/N (non carrier)
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Fenouillette has some epilepsy crisis.
I don't want that she falls from an armoire or a shelf whereas she is pregnant. This is why I decided to sterilize her.
She lives, delighted, with us...
2018 : She has no epilepsy crisis this one year


7 May 2023: sad news:( Fenouillette died of cancer (cutaneous tubular adenocarcinoma). She had been operated on and was undergoing treatment, but unfortunately the disease won out :-(

Born on 28th june 2010 - Black silver mackerel tabby and white

Died on May 7th 2023

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